Welcome to Barcarolle, home of Philip Davies, pianist, composer and teacher.

A barcarolle is a boating song, and the word makes an apt name for my idyllic floating home and music studio in Brentford, West London.  I offer piano lessons and other music teaching on "Barcarolle".

My houseboat "Barcarolle", designed and fitted out by myself, floats serenely on the canal near the Thames, and is moored in a quiet location opposite a park.

It makes a comfortable home for me and my grand piano, and an ideal place for music-making: playing, composing and teaching.  As well as a conventional grand piano, I have a digital piano connected to a computer and other sound equipment for the recording and editing of music, enabling the production of CDs and the printing of music - my own and that of my students.

Playing, composing and listening to music is a source of perpetual joy for me, and I hope that I communicate some of that in my teaching, which I do at my new Yamaha grand piano, and in a smaller studio on the digital piano and connected equipment.

On my 'Composing' page you will find some samples of my piano compositions which you can play through the mp3 jukebox.

On the 'Teaching' page I outline my work and the services I offer.


On the 'Contact form' page you can contact me if you are interested in having lessons, or on any musical matter -  please feel free!